Rod Drobinski’s Story; Runs for State Rep 62nd District in Lake County, IL, Nov. 4, 2014; Fights for $15 Million District School Funding to be cut by Springfield Boss Michael Madigan and Rep. Yingling

Hello Neighbors and Voters,

As your elected pro-life, pro-family, pro-traditional marriage Republican Committeeman, I would like to encourage you to get out and vote early Oct 20 – Nov.2 or vote on Nov. 4, 2014 in this important non-Presidential Election.

Here is some info on Rod Drobinski’s story that is posted on his website:  It tells you a lot of his worth as a potential State Representative of Illinois, District 62, Lake County.

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ABOUT ROD DROBINSKI, Republican Candidate for State Representative

Rod Drobinski was born in Waukegan to Polish, immigrant parents.  Blue collar workers, Rod’s parents stressed the importance of education and worked to provide Rod and his younger brother with the opportunity to attend and graduate from Carmel High School in Mundelein.

Motivated by his family’s focus on education, he continued onto the University of Notre Dame where he graduated with honors and was the first college graduate in his family. While attending Notre Dame, Rod’s mother began her long fight against breast cancer.  With her encouragement Rod was accepted to law school at Georgetown University.  During his time there, tragedy struck the family when they lost his father to a heart attack.  After law school, Rod returned to Lake County to care for his mother during her final years and serve his beloved community as an assistant state’s attorney.

As a prosecutor with the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office for the past twelve years, Rod has been an advocate for thousands of victims.  He has convicted some of the worst felons in Lake County and today works in the gangs and narcotics division.  Local police have benefited from his training on investigating, arresting and prosecuting drug induced homicides, gangs and narcotics cases.

Rod continues to carry on his family’s value of education.  He has served as an English and math tutor for English-as-a-second-language (ESL) students through the Midtown Educational Foundation.   His alma-mater, Carmel High School, has also embraced him as their speech and debate coach for the last seven years.

Service and community are both near and dear to Rod and he has proven that through the years in many ways.  As an assistant state’s attorney, Rod has conducted numerous educational programs to civics groups, such as Exchange Clubs and Rotary Clubs all around Lake County about the growing threats of gangs and how to guard against identity theft.  He has served on the Wauconda Police Commission, and currently is a trustee on the Fremont Public Library Board.

Rod has been a resident of Lake County for his entire life. Rod and his wife, Lisa, met in the courtroom when she was a public defender.  Today, Lisa prosecutes child abuse and neglect cases in juvenile court.  Together they have two children, Caitlin and Roddy, and call Wauconda home.

In their own experience raising a family, Lisa and Rod have experienced what many families throughout Illinois have felt.  The cost of living has gone up, with even basic necessities like food and gas becoming more expensive.  At the same time, many families are struggling with losing jobs and wages that aren’t keeping up.  Instead of helping struggling families, politicians in Springfield do the bidding of lobbyists and special interests.  Rod wants to go down to Springfield to fight for hard-working taxpayers.  He will be a voice for those who just want to play by the rules and achieve the American Dream his parents lived out.  Help bring back our state and vote Rod Drobinski for State Representative in our 62nd District.

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Here are some pictures of Rod and his wife and family.  They tell you a lot. Click on the pictures to read the details.

Rod Dobrinski and his wife and children 1, 2014.10  Rod Dobrinski and his wife and children 2, 2014.10Rod Dobrinski Running for State Rep 2 in District 62, Lake County, IL 2014.11Rod Dobrinski Running for State Rep 1 in District 62, Lake County, IL, 2014.11

Here is the Lake County Life PAC’s endorsement of Rod Drobinski, a strongly Pro-Life, Pro-Marriage, Pro-Family Candidate for State Rep in District 62,  compared to Sam Yingling who is a radical pro-abortion individual.

Rod Dobrinski, Pro-Life, State Rep, District 62, Lake County, I

Here also is the latest news on Mr. Yingling: He believes Mr. Madigan’s Senate Bill (SB) 16 “is a good approach” to taking away 80 % of the IL State funding from schools in District 62 and re-distributing these funds to schools outside of District 62.  This means that our schools will lose over $12,000,000.  In Wauconda, for example, my school district would lose $3,600,000 per year. Mr. Madigan in addition wants to amend SB 16 to include raising your property taxes in District 62 to pay for this loss of educational state support. So a vote for Mr. Yingling is a vote to give away 80 % of your school district’s state funding and raise your property taxes to account for this loss!!  Rep. Yingling is a nice man but he is beholding to Mr. Madigan to vote the way he says!  So PLEASE VOTE FOR ROD DROBINSKI who, in contrast to Rep. Yingling,  wants to roll your taxes back to the PRE-67% increase days of Governor Quinn.

Rod Dobrinski vs Sam Yingling 1, Dist. 62 State Rep Candidate, 2014.11  Rod Dobrinski vs Sam Yingling 2, Dist. 62 State Rep Candidate, 2014.11

Here is the Daily Herald’s listing of how much each school in District 62 will lose if SB 16 is passed:

Rod Dobrinski vs Sam Yingling,SB 16 Lost School Funding, Daily Herald, 9.6.2014, State Rep, 2014.11  Rod Dobrinski vs Sam Yingling, SB 16 Lost School Funding per Daily Herald, 9.6.2014

So Vote for the Candidate of your choice, Rod Dobrinski or Sam Yingling/Mike Madigan.  It’s up to you to fight for your kids future!

Thank you so much for voting and God bless you. (blog)                  Visit Facebook at Mike Or Linda Bailey

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