Nov 4, 2014 General Election Information “Walk Sheet”, Precinct 337, Wauconda Township, IL

The following is my Walk Sheet for the Nov 4, 2014 General Election, Precinct 337, Wauconda, IL.  It includes the races and candidates for IL county, state, and national districts. (Note: The information contained in my Walk Sheet is also good for Wauconda Precincts 331, 336 (south half), 338, and 339 which are all part of District 62, home to the race for State Rep between Rod Drobinski, R vs. Sam Yingling, D.)

Click on the following PDF file to see my Walk Sheet:

Nov 4, 2014 General Election Information Sheet 1, Precinct 337, Wauconda Township, IL

If you can’t view the PDF file, here is the modified text of my Nov. 4, 2014  Walk Sheet:

   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _

    General Election – November 4, 2014 – Wauconda, IL, Precinct 337 

US Congressional Dist 14/ State Senate Dist 31/ State Represent. Dist 62/ Lake C. Board Dist 17

Hello Neighbors and Voters,

As your elected pro-life, pro-family, pro-marriage Republican Committeeman, I would like to encourage you to get out and vote in this important 2014 non-Presidential Election.

These are the offices and the Republican (R) candidates and their respective Democratic (D) opponents for our county, state and national districts:

  • U. S. Senate: Jim Oberweis, R  vs. Dick Durbin, D
  • U. S. Congress, District 14: Randy Hultgren, R vs. Dennis Anderson, D
  • IL Governor/Lt. Governor: Bruce Rauner/Evelyn Sanguinetti, R vs. Pat Quinn/Paul Vallas, D
  • IL Attorney General: Paul Schimpf, R vs. Lisa Madigan, D
  • IL Secretary of State:  Michael Webster, R vs. Jesse White, D
  • IL State Treasurer:  Tom Cross, R vs. Michael Frerichs, D
  • IL Comptroller: Judy Baar Topinka, R vs. Sheila Simon, D
  • IL State Representative, District 62: Rod Dobrinski, R vs. Sam Yingling, D
  • IL State Senate, District 31:  not a current voting year in the State Senator election cycle
  • Lake County Treasurer:  David Stolman, R vs. Glenn Ryback, D
  • Lake County Clerk:  Carla Wyckoff, R (Willard Helander is retiring) vs. Janet Kilkelly, D
  • Lake County Sheriff: Mark Curran, R vs. Jason Patt, D
  • Regional Superintendent of Schools:  Roycealee Wood, R,  running unopposed
  • Lake County Board Member, Dist 17:  Nick Sauer, R, running unopposed
  • Judge of the Appellate Court 2nd Judicial District:  Michael Burke, running unopposed

Note: I have highlighted in purple the candidates and races which I consider of critical importance.

Note: For a one-page condensed voter guide, go to and click on the 14th Congressional District. After Oct 15, for more detailed info also go to

Options for Voting: 

A.  The NORMAL General Election voting site for our precinct 337 is Wauconda Park District Community Center, 600 N. Main St, next to Cook Park. Voting date is Tues., Nov. 4, 2014, 6AM to 7PM.

B.  For those who VOTE EARLY, please note that early voting will NOT take place at the Wauconda Township Office. The new location for in-person EARLY VOTING is Lake Barrington Village Hall, 23860 N. Old Barrington Rd, about ¾ mile north of Hwy 22 and just south of Kelsey Rd, in Lake Barrington. The phone number is 847-381-6010. This change is a CONSOLIDATION of EARLY ONLY voting sites in Wauconda Township and Cuba Township, and several other townships in Lake County, in order to reduce the number and cost of election judges, and is instituted by the Lake County Clerk’s Office. The EARLY VOTING time frame is Oct. 20 – Nov. 2, 2014 Monday through Friday from 9:00AM – 4:30PM. Call to confirm hours on Saturday and Sunday.   You must bring a government-issued picture ID of yourself to vote early.

For further information, call  847-377-2400 with questions, or go to: 

C. The Mail-In Ballot time frame is Thurs., Sept. 25 (1st day to mail ballot in) – Thursday, Oct. 30 (last day to request ballot by mail), 2014.

We live in difficult and potentially discouraging times. Some of our Republican leaders locally and nationally are yielding to the pressures of our wayward society, giving up on long-standing Republican values. Yet it is never too late to do the right thing. We MUST vote for representatives who are men and women of integrity, wisdom, and righteous character, who value God, life, traditional marriage and family, freedom, hard work, courage, trustworthiness, faithfulness, compassion, leadership, truth, and personal responsibility.  But, where do you find people like this?  They don’t just appear out of nowhere. God raises them up! Realizing we are all fallible and have a great need for divine guidance, if we hold to and teach our children the foundational values of Scripture, our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, we will be developing these kinds of patriotic individuals who, with God’s help, can lead our Districts, County, State, and Nation along the right path.  By God’s grace we will strive to promote, elect, and support godly leaders and regain our Christian heritage!

Please use your God-given wisdom and conscience as you vote for candidates for offices of the US Senate (Jim Oberweis), US Congressional District 14 (Randy Hultgren), State Representative District 62 (Rod Drobinski), State of Illinois Attorney General (Paul Schimpf), Lake County Clerk (Carla Wyckoff), and Lake County Sheriff (Mark Curran).

Thank you so much for voting and God bless you. (blog)          Visit Facebook at Mike Or Linda Bailey

315 Brown St., Wauconda, IL                                            Republican Committeeman, Precinct 337


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