March 18, 2014 IL Republican Primary Results, Lake County and Wauconda Township, incl. Governor’s Race

HERE ARE THE RESULTS of the IL Republican Primary of March 18, 2014, that, per Willard Helander, Lake County Clerk, do include election day voting and early voting offsite, but do not include Provisional Ballots and Late Arriving Vote-By-Mail Ballots.

Please click on the following Excel Spreadsheet (SS) in PDF form to find some, but not all (yet), of the details of voting results of the IL Primary race.  These results include the Governor’s race but especially races of Wauconda Township and a few pertinent Lake County races.  The SS is organized according to the Precincts of Wauconda Township, where I live. (Note: I will update and fill in further results tomorrow, Wednesday, March 19, 2014.)  This was done.

Wauconda Township data at were further accessed on 3.19.2014 and incorporated into the SS below and into the summaries that follow.

To go to the embedded PDF form of my Excel Spreadsheet please click on the following title in purple:

SS:  2014 Primary Election Results for Wauconda Township, IL and its 15 Precincts

Here is a concise summary of these races:

The IL Governor’s Race (with 100% of IL precincts reporting):

 Area:                          Illinois      Lake County, IL      Wauconda Township, IL

Bruce Rauner:               40.0%                 54.55%                                   46.23%

Kirk Dillard:                  37.3%                  29.34%                                   36.93%

Bill Brady:                      15.1%                   11.12%                                    11.19%

Dan Rutherford:             7.6%                   4.98%                                      5.66%

Notice how Bill Brady’s 15% votes cost Kirk Dillard the race to Bruce Rauner.

Lake County, IL Treasurer Race:

Area:                          Illinois      Lake County, IL      Wauconda Township, IL

Jerri Atleson:                   N/A                  43.73%                                    55.17%

Dave Stolman                  N/A                   56.27%                                   44.83%

Illinois Treasurer Race:

Bob Grogan:                    43%                   46.64%                                   54.42%

Tom Cross:                      57%                    53.36%                                   45.58%

Area:                          Illinois      Lake County, IL      Wauconda Township, IL

Illinois U.S. Senate Race:

Doug Truax:                    44%                   48.93%                                   44.37%

Jim Oberweis:                56%                    51.07%                                    55.63%

District 51 IL Representative Race:

Bob Bednar:                    41.92%  (District 51  only)

Ed Sullivan:                    58.08%  (District 51 only)

In conclusion, on Wed., 3/19/2014, further Wauconda Township data at the clerk’s website was incorporated into the above SS as well as in the above summaries.  Please let me know of any data errors you see between this post, the SS, and Willard Helander’s election results website indicated above. Thanks.

I hope the candidates and their supporters get a much deserved rest from all their hard campaigning, and that things will go very well for our State of Illinois in 2014.


Mike Bailey, 337 Republican Committeeman, Wauconda Township, IL


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