How to Vote in the Mar. 18, 2014 IL Republican Primary, Lake County and Wauconda Township, IL

If you want to know who to vote for in the REPUBLICAN Primary in Lake County, IL (and in Wauconda Township Precinct 337) on March 18, 2014, here are my recommended candidates:

1. Sen. Kirk Dillard & Rep. Jil Tracy for GOVERNOR/LT. GOVERNOR, experienced, skilled, tested, prepared, clear track record; strong pro-life, family, & marriage values; pro-business, anti-progressive tax, anti-property tax increase; anti-tax increase to seniors; versus Bill Brady, Dan Rutherford, and Bruce Rauner (pro-abortion, anti-family liberal, friend of Mike Madigan and Rahm Immanuel, given $100,000’s to Democrats).
2. Mrs. Jeri Atleson, for LAKE COUNTY TREASURER, young, fresh, compassionate, CPA, taxpayer advocate for lower property taxes, young mother and wife; versus Dave Stolman (22 years on LC Board).
3. Bob Grogan, CPA, for STATE TREASURER; versus Tom Cross (voted to redefine marriage in IL).
4. State Sen. Jim Oberweis for U. S. SENATE versus Doug Truax.  We need a man of experience who can stand a chance of beating incumbent Democrat Dick Durbin in the fall 2014 General Election.
5. Bob Bednar for STATE REPRESENTATIVE in District 51, pro-life, pro-family, pro-marriage, pro-business, personable, honest, hard-working; versus Ed Sullivan (voted to redefine marriage in IL).

I am hopeful that conservative Republicans will have the “courage of their convictions” to vote in this Primary for those candidates who hold to conservative values, including the Republican platform.  If we give up the moral foundation of our party, we will destine our State and our country to further destructive social and economic policies of liberal Democrats.  If we don’t stand up for what we believe, then all is lost.

Mike Bailey, March 17, 2014, Republican Committeeman, Wauconda, IL, Precinct 337


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