March 18, 2014 Republican Primary: Why I support Ms. Jeri Atleson for Lake County, IL Treasurer

Atleson 3, 2014 Primary

Atleson 4, 2014 Primary

Why will I vote for Jeri Atleson in the March 18, 2014 Republican Primary?

(Vote early: March 3-15, 2014)

1.  Jeri Atleson is a “taxpayer advocate” who has the skill, compassion, and clear goal to help Lake County property owners know HOW to reduce their real estate taxes!   She is not just interested in “bringing in the sheaves” of Lake County wealth from property owners whose taxes are too high and are sapping their financial strength.  She is interested in being honest and fair to Lake County residents.  She wants to educate and empower homeowners.

2.  Jeri Atleson is not a “career politician.”   To Jeri, being elected to be the Lake County, IL Treasurer would be “a service not a career (Karen Leoni, home owner, Ella Township).”  (Jeri’s  Republican Primary opponent David Stolman has served on the Lake County Board for 22 years.)

3.  Jeri Atleson is an experienced and qualified Treasurer and Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

4.  Amazingly, Jeri Atleson, her husband, and two children, are willing NOT to take a taxpayer funded pension.  They are trusting God to supply their future needs.

5.  Jeri Atleson will “freeze the budget” in the treasurer’s Office and control spending with wisdom and responsibility.

6.  Finally, Jeri Atleson is a young, compassionate woman with the courage and commitment to run for this Lake County office of Treasurer in an often male-dominated context and sphere of influence.

To learn more about Jeri Atleson, please visit her web site at:


Mike Bailey, Republican Committeeman, Wauconda Township, Wauconda, IL, Precinct 337.


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