How I made Phone Calls for Bob Bednar, Candidate for Republican State Representative in the 51st District versus State Rep Ed Sullivan, for the March 18, 2014 IL Primary Election

2.21.2014 Phone Script for Bob Bednar, running against State Rep. Ed Sullivan in the Republican Primary on Mar. 18, 2014 in IL District 51, read to Ela Township residents, Precincts 89 -91

Note: 1:  I am working from a strongly Republican list of voters in Ela Township, including residents of Barrington, Lake Zurich, and Hawthorn Woods, IL.

Note 2:  If I get a “live person”, I greet the person and I ask to speak to the resident by name (“May I speak to __________”), and I then introduce myself (“My name is Mike Bailey”), and explain the reason for my call. I am sensitive to the person’s schedule and am respectful. I sometimes find the person has already voted by absentee ballot. If the person has not already voted, is available and willing to talk, I utilize following script.

Note 3:  If I don’t get a live person, I read the following script into their voice mail box or onto their answering machine. It usually takes me about 1.5 minutes (±15 seconds)  to get through with the entire script, as follows:

Our Phone Script (written by my wife and I and modified by each of us as we make our calls):

Hello, I am a volunteer calling you today to urge you to vote, in the Mar. 18 Primary (early vote on Mar. 3-15), for Bob Bednar for Republican State Representative in the 51st District.  Bob is seeking to unseat veteran incumbent Ed Sullivan, one of the three Republican State Reps who voted for same-sex marriage, bringing about the redefinition of marriage in IL.  [In addition, Ed Sullivan, while currently serving as the 51st District State Representative is also the Freemont Township Assessor, collecting two state tax-payer-funded salaries, pensions and benefits.] 

On the other hand, State Representative Republican Candidate Bob Bednar

  •  is solidly pro-Life, pro-Family; pro-2nd Amendment and Conceal Carry;
  •  Bob Bednar will seek to create a business-friendly environment in IL …(pause)
  •  He will not support any progressive income tax
  •  He will not support tax increases to seniors
  •  He will not support property tax increases
  •  He will bring meaningful pension reform, and pro-education reform

To learn more, please go to,

“The only way we will change the way Springfield does business is to change the people who are running it.”

Please support Bob Bednar for State Representative in the 51st District on March 18, or early vote on March 3-15.  Thank you very much.


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