March 18, 2014 IL Republican Primary Race, Dillard for Governor/Tracy for Lt. Gov.

Dear Illinois Voter:

I support (the team of) IL State Senator Kirk Dillard for Governor of Illinois and IL State Representative Jil Tracy for Lt. Governor of Illinois in the Republican Primary, March 18, 2014. They are worthy of your vote!  See why:

Kirk Dillard & Jil Tracy Primary Advertisement 1

The reasons they are worthy of our vote are as follows:

1.  They both are known quantities, with known voting track records.   They are willing to stand up and speak out for what they believe in.  You are not “just hoping” that the person you vote for will lead the State of Illinois in the right direction just because he is a “good leader.”

2.  They both have the skill and significant political experience to know how to work in the (Democratic) political environment in Springfield in order to get things done for the good of the State of Illinois, “without ever giving up their Republican principles.” (KD, 2.15.2014)  They won’t have to spend the first year learning the job.  They will hit the road running.

3.  They both have a strong moral base, exhibiting clear, solid conservative (social and economic) values and principles, and solid support for the Republican platform from top to bottom.

4.  Built upon a solid moral base, they are making job creation their number ONE priority in Illinois by reducing taxes for individuals and small businesses to stimulate hiring and job growth and by encouraging companies to stay in Illinois.

Please refer to attachments below for further specific details, especially their BIOS, on Sen. Dillard and Rep. Tracy, running together for Governor and Lt. Governor of the State of Illinois in the March 18, 2014 Republican Primary.

Kirk Dillard & Jil Tracy Primary Advertisement 2 Kirk Dillard for Governor Primary Bio Jil Tracy for Lt. Governor Primary  Bio Dillard for Governor Primary Advertisement 1

Please see my blog post at:

Email me at with comments or questions.


Mike Bailey, Precinct 337 Committeeman, Wauconda Township, Lake County, IL


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