November 6, 2012 General Election, Wauconda, IL “Walk Sheet”

Here is my “walk sheet” for my Republican Precinct 337 in Wauconda, IL. It is bright yellow as usual (same as for the primary in March, 2012), “typed” on both sides, inserted into a flat clear-plastic bag along with candidate literature, and will be hung on people’s doorknobs starting tomorrow, Friday, Sept 28, 2012.   The walk sheet contains voting information, sources of information, and a list of candidates which people in our precinct will be voting for. This list includes Republican candidates

  • Joe Neal for State Senate in District 31,
  • Sandy Cole for State Representative for District 62,
  • Randy Hultgren for U.S. Representative in District 14,
  • Nick Sauer for Lake County Board for District 17,
  • Mike Nerheim for Lake County State’s Attorney,
  • Bob Bednar for Lake County Recorder of Deeds,
  • Keith Brin for Lake County Clerk of the Circuit Court, and
  • Steve Newton for Lake County Coroner

The walk sheet also suggests to voters the viewing of the alarming “2016” movie about President Obama’ s radical vision for America as put forth by Dinesh D’Souza. I hope you see it and celebrate with me our freedom to vote in our Republic of America.

Click on the following link to open up “Wauconda Township Republican Committeeman” Mike Bailey’s “walk sheet” for this November’s General Election for Wauconda, IL, Precinct 337:

Precinct 337 Walk Sheet 9.2012 General Election

Thanks again for listening and may God bless you as you vote for the candidates of your choice.

God has not given up on America.

For faith, family, freedom, and virtue, I am

Mike Bailey


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