May God guide our Nation: As we approach the Voting Booth may we also approach the Throne of Heaven (with contriteness for our country)

Please see World Magazine at:

“Friendly Fire,” a Cover Story in World Magazine, by Jamie Dean, March 24, 2012 issue

     Many religious and conservative Republican voters and several Christian organizations supporting Santorum, Romney, and Gingrich, are praying (and some fasting) for their candidate, if it is God’s will, to be elected in our country’s 2012 presidential election.  As we have all seen, Republican candidates are wearing themselves out by the LONG RACE to the Republican National Convention in August, 2012, 5 months away.  Despite the large disparity between money raised by Romney versus Santorum, for example, Santorum continues to win in strongly evangelical or conservative states, or greatly limits Romney’s victories to a few % points. There seems to be a great LACK OF ENTHUSIASM for the campaign of Mitt Romney. (So how can he win against President Obama?)  Since every state in the Republican Primaries must give a PROPORTIONAL awarding of electoral votes, instead of winner take all, it will take much longer (months) for a Republican candidate to obtain the number of electoral votes required to obtain the nomination.  So MOST EVERY STATE’S Republican PRIMARY will count in this process. In the meantime, President Obama is raising HUGE amounts of money and activating deep grassroots State organizations to fight the Republicans for his battle to be re-elected in Nov., 2012.

     ONE GREAT EQUALIZER, however, in the Presidential campaign (especially for those Republican candidates (all of them, compared to Pres. Obama) who would have great trouble running against the FINANCIAL POWER of the incumbent President) WILL BE THE SUPER PACS, which, according the US Supreme Court, can RAISE UNLIMITED AMOUNTS OF MONEY if they are INDEPENDENT of the various campaigns (HOW CAN THAT HAPPEN?) but then can be directed to support the various candidates. (WHAT?)

     The real question is,DO YOU AS AN AMERICAN BELIEVE in a BIG GOVERNMENT by ELITES (handing out entitlements and welfare to everyone in America through the unjust process of continual borrowing and deficit spendIng) who will rule and change your life as an American, REDEFINING for you and DICTATING (e.g., the HHS Mandate) to you the rules of life, marriage, family, human rights, and freedom,… Or, …DO YOU BELIEVE IN THE FREEDOMS AND GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS RECOGNIZED BY THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE and “GUARANTEED” BY OUR US CONSTITUTION , as the basis of American life for our children and our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren?  What we do, under God, will determine the destiny of this nation.

But despite the huge amounts of human and financial capital that are being expended, there is still ONE WHO SITS ON HIS THRONE IN HEAVEN, (and in the hearts of those who trust in HIm!!!) and who rules, guides, and judges in the affairs of men.  Thank you God. 

     What was that about prayer…?

Sincerely in a spirit of prayer (and fasting?) for our nation,

a new blogger,

Mike Bailey


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