Killed in Action–Jeremiah Small

Please honor Jeremiah Small, 33, an American Christian H.S. English teacher killed in class in northern Kurdish Iraq by a misguided Muslim student who, supposedly after a classroom disagreement, pulled a gun on him and fatally shot him in the head.  In an article entitled “The Loss of a Hero” (click on this),  Kurdish students later gave their praise for their teacher and friend who had taught in the Classical School of the Medes in Kurdistan, Iraq for 6 years. (Students also wrote that the violence was not a result of a religious argument.) The following is an exerpt of what they wrote:

  • “Deep sorrow has consumed all his students. No words can describe the anguish the students felt at the incident today. Jeremiah left a legacy that will never be forgotten. He was kind to all and set an example of deep humility and great leadership around him. Like a brother, he always encouraged his students to think and come up with ways to serve their country and community. His love for his students, their families, and Kurdistan was always his first motivation in everything. Jeremiah’s example will long be praised by those who knew him, and the memory of his character will be an encouragement to all who remember him. He didn’t die in vain. He lived for a purpose – that is why we can’t stop but continue with the vision he started. He was a true hero. Rest in peace our dear friend.”

Comment by MRB: People of all faiths need to realize that violence is not the way to greater understanding, acceptance, and community. Jeremiah Small gave his life for those he chose to love, and by doing so, exemplified the virtues of faith, love in action, courage, sacrifice, dedication, American patriotism, and honor.

I salute you, Mr. Jeremiah Small.  “Greater love has no man than this, than a man lay down his life for his friends.”

One of his students wrote of him in a Comment on the above article: “He didn’t die in vain.  He lived for a purpose.”  One of his American friends wrote of him as a believer in Jesus Christ who had a heart for the students of Iraq.  Apparently his purpose included glorifying Jesus Christ his Lord and Savior.


Mike Bailey (MRB)

(I previously posted part of this blog on Facebook.)

(The following picture shows the reaction of one of the students the school.) | Killed in action | Mindy Belz | Mar 01, 12  (click here to visit this article.)

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