Deficit beyond D.C. (Illinois)

Hello friends, If you want a quick update on the financial state of the State of Illinois, read this March 2012 article from World Magazine.  We in Illinois have $8 BILLION of unpaid bills, and pay 1.28 BILLION of interest on the state debt each year!  We are in the worst financial condition of all the States in America; at the bottom, worse off than CA!  Mike Madigan and the DEMOCRATS are in control of both houses in Springfield, IL.  They raised taxes 67% last year but did not cut spending!!??  Where does all this money go?  (Good question, right?)  No wonder people and businesses are leaving Illinois.  What will it take for our state government representatives to wake up and smell the coffee?  We need SERIOUS fiscal responsibility.  ILLINOIS VOTERS…please take note!

(I originally posted this comment and link on facebook)

ECONOMY | Politicians faced with belt-tightening in Illinois are shopping for new belts

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