Nick Sauer, New Conservative Leadership in Illinois

Today, in the sunny cold (15 degrees F) of Feb. 11, 2012, the day after my birthday, a new young conservative leader knocked on our front door. He had his I-Pad with him which had an App that showed him where the Republican voters live (in what houses) as he walked down my street in Wauconda, IL (northwest suburbs of Chicago). He thanked my wife and me for displaying his sign in our yard. His name is Nick Sauer, and he is a running for Illinois Lake County Board, District 17.   I appreciate his willingness to stand up for what he believes and to use his leadership abilities to advance good for our community, county (Lake), and country.  It is very encouraging to me to see talented young people such as Nick lending their lives for the political good of our northern part of Illinois. The second point on Nick’s “To Do List” caught my attention: “Reduce county spending, taxes, and debt.”  Why aren’t more candidates for public office focused on these ideas?  It is insane that our political leaders in Illinois and in Washington continue to tax and spend and drive up the debt!  Will it take a bankrupt state and nation to get our attention and drive us to our knees and to change our ways?  So I will be voting for Nick Sauer and walking with him in our community.  We need to fan the flame of interest and dedication by young conservative leaders such as Nick Sauer.  His web address is http://www.sauerfor

Here’s his picture:

Nick Sauer

Your new blogger,

Mike Bailey


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