March 18, 2014 IL Republican Primary Results, Lake County and Wauconda Township, incl. Governor’s Race

HERE ARE THE RESULTS of the IL Republican Primary of March 18, 2014, that, per Willard Helander, Lake County Clerk, do include election day voting and early voting offsite, but do not include Provisional Ballots and Late Arriving Vote-By-Mail Ballots.

Please click on the following Excel Spreadsheet (SS) in PDF form to find some, but not all (yet), of the details of voting results of the IL Primary race.  These results include the Governor’s race but especially races of Wauconda Township and a few pertinent Lake County races.  The SS is organized according to the Precincts of Wauconda Township, where I live. (Note: I will update and fill in further results tomorrow, Wednesday, March 19, 2014.)  This was done.

Wauconda Township data at were further accessed on 3.19.2014 and incorporated into the SS below and into the summaries that follow.

To go to the embedded PDF form of my Excel Spreadsheet please click on the following title in purple:

SS:  2014 Primary Election Results for Wauconda Township, IL and its 15 Precincts

Here is a concise summary of these races:

The IL Governor’s Race (with 100% of IL precincts reporting):

 Area:                          Illinois      Lake County, IL      Wauconda Township, IL

Bruce Rauner:               40.0%                 54.55%                                   46.23%

Kirk Dillard:                  37.3%                  29.34%                                   36.93%

Bill Brady:                      15.1%                   11.12%                                    11.19%

Dan Rutherford:             7.6%                   4.98%                                      5.66%

Notice how Bill Brady’s 15% votes cost Kirk Dillard the race to Bruce Rauner.

Lake County, IL Treasurer Race:

Area:                          Illinois      Lake County, IL      Wauconda Township, IL

Jerri Atleson:                   N/A                  43.73%                                    55.17%

Dave Stolman                  N/A                   56.27%                                   44.83%

Illinois Treasurer Race:

Bob Grogan:                    43%                   46.64%                                   54.42%

Tom Cross:                      57%                    53.36%                                   45.58%

Area:                          Illinois      Lake County, IL      Wauconda Township, IL

Illinois U.S. Senate Race:

Doug Truax:                    44%                   48.93%                                   44.37%

Jim Oberweis:                56%                    51.07%                                    55.63%

District 51 IL Representative Race:

Bob Bednar:                    41.92%  (District 51  only)

Ed Sullivan:                    58.08%  (District 51 only)

In conclusion, on Wed., 3/19/2014, further Wauconda Township data at the clerk’s website was incorporated into the above SS as well as in the above summaries.  Please let me know of any data errors you see between this post, the SS, and Willard Helander’s election results website indicated above. Thanks.

I hope the candidates and their supporters get a much deserved rest from all their hard campaigning, and that things will go very well for our State of Illinois in 2014.


Mike Bailey, 337 Republican Committeeman, Wauconda Township, IL

How to Vote in the Mar. 18, 2014 IL Republican Primary, Lake County and Wauconda Township, IL

If you want to know who to vote for in the REPUBLICAN Primary in Lake County, IL (and in Wauconda Township Precinct 337) on March 18, 2014, here are my recommended candidates:

1. Sen. Kirk Dillard & Rep. Jil Tracy for GOVERNOR/LT. GOVERNOR, experienced, skilled, tested, prepared, clear track record; strong pro-life, family, & marriage values; pro-business, anti-progressive tax, anti-property tax increase; anti-tax increase to seniors; versus Bill Brady, Dan Rutherford, and Bruce Rauner (pro-abortion, anti-family liberal, friend of Mike Madigan and Rahm Immanuel, given $100,000’s to Democrats).
2. Mrs. Jeri Atleson, for LAKE COUNTY TREASURER, young, fresh, compassionate, CPA, taxpayer advocate for lower property taxes, young mother and wife; versus Dave Stolman (22 years on LC Board).
3. Bob Grogan, CPA, for STATE TREASURER; versus Tom Cross (voted to redefine marriage in IL).
4. State Sen. Jim Oberweis for U. S. SENATE versus Doug Truax.  We need a man of experience who can stand a chance of beating incumbent Democrat Dick Durbin in the fall 2014 General Election.
5. Bob Bednar for STATE REPRESENTATIVE in District 51, pro-life, pro-family, pro-marriage, pro-business, personable, honest, hard-working; versus Ed Sullivan (voted to redefine marriage in IL).

I am hopeful that conservative Republicans will have the “courage of their convictions” to vote in this Primary for those candidates who hold to conservative values, including the Republican platform.  If we give up the moral foundation of our party, we will destine our State and our country to further destructive social and economic policies of liberal Democrats.  If we don’t stand up for what we believe, then all is lost.

Mike Bailey, March 17, 2014, Republican Committeeman, Wauconda, IL, Precinct 337

March 18, 2014 Republican Primary: Why I support Ms. Jeri Atleson for Lake County, IL Treasurer

Atleson 3, 2014 Primary

Atleson 4, 2014 Primary

Why will I vote for Jeri Atleson in the March 18, 2014 Republican Primary?

(Vote early: March 3-15, 2014)

1.  Jeri Atleson is a “taxpayer advocate” who has the skill, compassion, and clear goal to help Lake County property owners know HOW to reduce their real estate taxes!   She is not just interested in “bringing in the sheaves” of Lake County wealth from property owners whose taxes are too high and are sapping their financial strength.  She is interested in being honest and fair to Lake County residents.  She wants to educate and empower homeowners.

2.  Jeri Atleson is not a “career politician.”   To Jeri, being elected to be the Lake County, IL Treasurer would be “a service not a career (Karen Leoni, home owner, Ella Township).”  (Jeri’s  Republican Primary opponent David Stolman has served on the Lake County Board for 22 years.)

3.  Jeri Atleson is an experienced and qualified Treasurer and Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

4.  Amazingly, Jeri Atleson, her husband, and two children, are willing NOT to take a taxpayer funded pension.  They are trusting God to supply their future needs.

5.  Jeri Atleson will “freeze the budget” in the treasurer’s Office and control spending with wisdom and responsibility.

6.  Finally, Jeri Atleson is a young, compassionate woman with the courage and commitment to run for this Lake County office of Treasurer in an often male-dominated context and sphere of influence.

To learn more about Jeri Atleson, please visit her web site at:


Mike Bailey, Republican Committeeman, Wauconda Township, Wauconda, IL, Precinct 337.

Bob Bednar’s New Flyer for State Rep in IL District 51




Vote for a man of character you can trust to represent YOU rather than the leaders and special interest groups in Springfield!

Vote in the March 18, 2014 Primary for Bob Bednar for State Rep in District 51.  Or vote early, March 3-15.

“The only way we will change the way Springfield does business is to change the people who are running it.”


Mike Bailey, Republican Committeeman, Wauconda, IL

BIOS for IL State Senator Kirk Dillard and IL State Representative Jil Tracy, 2014, Running for Governor/Lt. Governor in the 2014 IL Republican Primary

Here is Sen. Kirk Dillard’s BIO which lays out his tremendous experience and preparation for the post of Illinois Governor. Sen. Dillard is one of four 2014 Republican candidates for Governor in the IL Republican Primary to be held on March 18. We need men of character and integrity especially for this position of leadership in Illinois. Please vote for Kirk Dillard for Governor in the March 18, 2014 Republican Primary.
Kirk Dillard for Governor Primary Bio

Here is State Rep. Jil Tracy’s BIO which also lays out her tremendous experience and expertise for the post of Illinois Lt. Governor.  Rep. Tracy is one of four 2014 Republican candidates for Lt. Governor in the IL Republican Primary to be held on March 18.  We need women of character and integrity especially for this position of leadership in Illinois. Please vote for Jil Tracy for Lt. Governor in the March 18, 2014 Republican Primary. 

Jil Tracy for Lt. Governor Primary  Bio

Email me at to share your comments.

Mike Bailey, Republican Committeeman, Precinct 337, Wauconda, IL


How I made Phone Calls for Bob Bednar, Candidate for Republican State Representative in the 51st District versus State Rep Ed Sullivan, for the March 18, 2014 IL Primary Election

2.21.2014 Phone Script for Bob Bednar, running against State Rep. Ed Sullivan in the Republican Primary on Mar. 18, 2014 in IL District 51, read to Ela Township residents, Precincts 89 -91

Note: 1:  I am working from a strongly Republican list of voters in Ela Township, including residents of Barrington, Lake Zurich, and Hawthorn Woods, IL.

Note 2:  If I get a “live person”, I greet the person and I ask to speak to the resident by name (“May I speak to __________”), and I then introduce myself (“My name is Mike Bailey”), and explain the reason for my call. I am sensitive to the person’s schedule and am respectful. I sometimes find the person has already voted by absentee ballot. If the person has not already voted, is available and willing to talk, I utilize following script.

Note 3:  If I don’t get a live person, I read the following script into their voice mail box or onto their answering machine. It usually takes me about 1.5 minutes (±15 seconds)  to get through with the entire script, as follows:

Our Phone Script (written by my wife and I and modified by each of us as we make our calls):

Hello, I am a volunteer calling you today to urge you to vote, in the Mar. 18 Primary (early vote on Mar. 3-15), for Bob Bednar for Republican State Representative in the 51st District.  Bob is seeking to unseat veteran incumbent Ed Sullivan, one of the three Republican State Reps who voted for same-sex marriage, bringing about the redefinition of marriage in IL.  [In addition, Ed Sullivan, while currently serving as the 51st District State Representative is also the Freemont Township Assessor, collecting two state tax-payer-funded salaries, pensions and benefits.] 

On the other hand, State Representative Republican Candidate Bob Bednar

  •  is solidly pro-Life, pro-Family; pro-2nd Amendment and Conceal Carry;
  •  Bob Bednar will seek to create a business-friendly environment in IL …(pause)
  •  He will not support any progressive income tax
  •  He will not support tax increases to seniors
  •  He will not support property tax increases
  •  He will bring meaningful pension reform, and pro-education reform

To learn more, please go to,

“The only way we will change the way Springfield does business is to change the people who are running it.”

Please support Bob Bednar for State Representative in the 51st District on March 18, or early vote on March 3-15.  Thank you very much.

March 18, 2014 Wauconda, IL Precinct 337 Primary Election Information

Hello Neighbors and Voters,

Your Options for Voting:

A.  The NORMAL Primary Election voting site for our precinct 337 is Wauconda Park District Community Center, 600 N. Main St, next to Cook Park.  (You must register by Tues., Feb. 18 to vote in the Primary, normal or early.)  Voting date is Tues., March 18, 2014, 6AM to 7PM.  

B.  The NEW EARLY ONLY Primary (and General Election) VOTING LOCATION, in person, is Lake Barrington Village Hall, 23860 Old Barrington Rd, about ¾ mile north of Hwy 22 and just south of Kelsey Rd, in Lake Barrington (Cuba Township). Their phone number is 847-526-8381. This CHANGE is a CONSOLIDATION of EARLY ONLY voting sites in Wauconda Township and Cuba Township, and in several other townships in Lake County, in order to reduce the number and cost of election judges; this change is instituted by the Lake County Clerk’s Office.  The early voting time frame is March 3 – March 15, 2014, Monday through Friday from 9:00AM – 4:30PM and Saturday from 9:00AM – 2:00PM.   You must bring a government-issued picture ID of yourself to vote early.  For further information, call 847-377-2410 with questions, or go to

Note:  The Normal voting location for the Primary (Mar. 18, 2014) and the General Election (Nov 4, 2014) is still the same as indicated in A. above.

Our Districts in Precinct 337 for 2014:   (They are still the same as for the newly-drawn districts of 2012.)  Precinct 337 Districts are:  District 31 (State Senate),   District 62 (State Representative);   District 17 (Lake County Board), and  District 14 (U.S. Congressional) (all of Wauconda Township).

Note:  Overall, Wauconda Township is divided up into three Senatorial Districts (26, 31, and 32) and three Representative Districts (52, 62, and 64).

Endorsed Candidates: The following Republican PRIMARY candidates, all-pro-life, pro-family, and pro-economy were interviewed and endorsed by the Wauconda Township Republican Club:

  • Jim Oberweis for U. S. Senate; currently IL State Senator for District 25.  Runs against Doug Truax (no previous office) in Republican Primary and Democrat Dick Durbin in General Election.
  • Jeri Atleson, CPA, currently a pro-family, taxpayer advocate, for Lake County Treasurer.  A “fresh wind, fresh fire” candidate.  Runs against David Stolman, former LC Board Chairman.
  • Bob Grogan, for Illinois State Treasurer; the first time a CPA would be in this position.  Runs against Tom Cross (who as current State Representative voted for same-sex marriage in Springfield, redefining marriage in IL).

There are four Republican candidates in the Primary for Governor/Lt. Governor in Illinois:

  • State Senator Kirk Dillard/State Representative Jil Tracy.  This is the Team to vote for!  They are a skilled, experienced, trustworthy, honest Team, with solid pro-life, pro-family, pro-traditional marriage Republican values;  tested and prepared to work with a Democratic-controlled Springfield but without compromising their Republican values; pro-job creating environment, reduce taxes.
  • Bill Brady/ Maria Rodriguez
  • State Treasurer Dan Rutherford/Steve Kim
  • Bruce Rauner/Evelyn Sanguinetti (endorsed by WTRC but not preferred by this Committeeman). No previous legislative experience; pro-choice; close friends with Democrats House Speaker Madigan and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel; voted in 2006 Democratic primary; has donated over $870,000 to Democrats around the country; professed anti-union; “I am a social liberal.”

In addition, the following are the Republican candidates in Wauconda Township, running unopposed in the Primary:

  • Dave McSweeney (incumbent) running for State Representative for District 52.
  • Rod Drobinski is the new Republican candidate for State Representative for District 62, including Precinct 337; to face Dem Sam Yingling (incumbent) in the General Election.
  • Randy Hultgren (incumbent) running for U.S. Representative for District 14
  • Nick Sauer (incumbent) running for Lake County Board, District 17
  • Barb Wheeler (incumbent) running for State Representative for District 64

You are invited to attend the Wauconda Township Republican Club meetings at 7:00PM on the first Wednesday of each month at Wauconda Township Hall, 505 West Bonner Rd., Wauconda, IL.

Also, you are cordially invited to the Annual Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner Fund Raiser It will be held at the Legion Hall in Wauconda, 515 S. Main St., Saturday, March 1st, at 5:00PM.  The cost is $40.00 per individual, $75.00 per couple.

Please feel free to call me (Mike Bailey) at 847-526-0729, or email me at if you have any questions or thoughts.  I would also like to invite you to visit my blog. Your email or cell phone information will be kept confidential.  Request to be my “friend” on Facebook : Mike Or Linda Bailey. Follow me at Twitter:  @mrbailey315 

315 Brown St., Wauconda, IL 60084

Mike Bailey, Precinct 337 Committeeman


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